Getzen Cornet 300

Many factories in the world manufacture cornets. Few manufacture cornets suitable for serious competitive performance.

Many factories manufacture 'student' long cornets. These instruments are quite often used as a light weight trumpet, for the beginners who cannot afford a cornet with shepherds crook configuration, or for small ones who are not able to support the weight of a normal trumpet.

Getzen cater for the real cornet market and provide a range, some of which are seen here, from which the educated connoisseur may choose. Eltham Woodwind and Brass can supply the entire range of Getzen brass and we would be pleased to assist you in this regard.

Getzen Cornet 300

Made for the aspiring cornet player, owning his/her first cornet, the Getzen 300 series cornet provides the entry point to the Brass Band and competition arena of Brass Band performance.

The instrument, as with the range of Getzen cornets, is a shepherd's crook configuration, and is a genuine Brass Band instrument.

Getzen have discontinued the manufacture of the 'long cornet' or non shepherd's crook instrument, which has a brasher tone and does not have the sophistication of tone of the presently manufactured Getzen instruments.

If you want quality, you want Getzen.

This instrument is fitted in the characteristic Propack case, providing maximum protection for the instrument in the hands of even the littlest of musicians.

Getzen 390
Mouthpiece Nickel Silver
Inside Slides Nickel Silver
Bore Size 11.7mm
Bell 124mm Nickel Silver
Intonation Aids Adjustable 3rd valve slide ring
Finish Silver
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