Getzen Euphonium

Getzen are one of the few companies who actually manufacture a Euphonium. The terminology in the USA sometimes categorizes the instrument as a Baritone, and you should check the tubing dimensions.

This instrument is built to satisfy the school market and provide a three valve three quarter instrument at a price suitable to not break the bank, and in a size that small children can transport to school without the aid of a moving van.

This instrument comes complete with wood case. The sound of this beautiful instrument supplements the low end of the orchestra, so necessary in the structure of a great sounding group.

At a fraction of the cost of the four valve counterparts in other brands may we introduce the Getzen Euphonium (Baritone)

  Euphonium Euphonium 4 valve
Valves 3 piston Stainless Steel
Inside Slides Yellow Brass Yellow Brass
Bore Size 14.4mm 15.0mm
Bell 254mm Upright 305mm Yellow Brass
Finish Silver or Lacquer, nickel plated valves Clear lacquer
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