Getzen Fluegelhorn

A very special instrument. The sound of a fluegelhorn provides not only the player, but the audience with a tonal characteristic which could be only described as musical nectar.

Few fluegelhorns play as consistently and with the comfort and ease of the Getzen instruments. It is important that the player does not regard the fluegelhorn as a large version of a trumpet. The two instruments are of a different family and must be played with the correct mouthpieces to extract the full benefit from this exacting instrument.

There are several versions of the fluegelhorn manufactured by Getzen including brass and silver finishes, and with three and four valve, and trigger configurations.

Having trouble getting some of the notes or playing your fluegelhorn? You're not playing a Getzen.

Getzen Fluegelhorn
Mouth Pipe Nickel plated brass
Inside Slides Nickel Silver
Bore Size 11.7mm
Bell 165mm Yellow brass
Intonation Aids 4th valve
Finish Silver or Lacquer, nickel plated valves
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