Getzen Trumpet 700

This is another format of the Eterna and comes in the propack case as distinct from the leather bound custom built case of the other Eterna and Capri models. It has a slightly different blowing characteristic which can be seen from the specifications below.

Valve construction

The valves are made of similar metals to that of the valve casing to ensure that when 'hot' that the running tolerance does not increase. The valves are then heavily plated with engineering nickel plating, as you would in a highly tuned racing motor car engine bearings. The valves are then custom honed into the correct sliding fit to ensure perfection of fit for the life of the trumpet

Getzen use nickelplated valves. They do not use MONEL for any of their instruments. It used to be said, that monel was a harder metal and therefore the action would be better. However, thru much testing, at Getzen they have found that because the monel has to be heated to such a high temperature to work with it, that it actually weakens the monel and hence, the action is not as good.

Here's a little history for you:

When Allied (Getzen) Music began making the Canadian Brass line of instruments, the CB required monel pistons. So Allied (Getzen) Music obliged. After Ed and Tom Getzen purchased the Getzen Co. in 1991 and began manufacturing Getzen product with the nickel plated valves, the CB tried several of the Getzen trumpets and found the valve action to be superior to what they had. Guess what? CB reversed their request and required nickel plated valves from that point on. Says something for nickelplated valves.

Also, have you noticed many of the other "brands" have gone to nickeplated valves from monel....

Tuning slides

This choice of nickel silver and brass as a sliding assembly reduces the electrolytic action quite often causing joints stuck with oxide from the similar metals.

Getzen 700
Mouthpiece Gold Brass
Inside Slides Nickel Silver
Bore Size 11.68mm
Bell 120mm Yellow Brass
Intonation Aids 1st valve saddle, adjustable 3rd valve ring.
Finish Silver or Lacquer, Nickel plated valves.
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