Yanagisawa Silver Alto Saxophone

Many manufacturers have tried to make a silver saxophone, manufactured it and sold only the first samples and retired from the field.

The unsurpassed resonance of the Yanagisawa Silver Saxophone has provided the world with an instrument which combines the pure sound of the silver instrument with the biggest fat sound which explodes into life with the lightest puff from the diaphragm.

The Yanagisawa Silver Saxophone plays so freely and responds so beautifully across every note of the range (including harmonics) that you could be forgiven for thinking that it is doing the playing for you. (No - this Yanagisawa Silver Saxophone does not make cups of coffee at 10am each morning for it's owner)

When asked is it ‘bigger’, ‘fatter’, ‘softer’, ‘warmer’, ‘harder’, ‘edgier’, ‘rounder’, ‘better than’ or ‘louder' — there is no answer to this question. The Yanagisawa Silver saxophone is a completely different sound and one which the player will fall in love with instantly. It is the perfect saxophone. If you play one you will have to buy one.

Key Eb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Sterling Silver
Body Stirling Silver
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved
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