Yanagisawa Professional Alto Saxophone

This Yanagisawa professional saxophone is truly the manifestation of the years of effort and technical effort directed towards the Yanagisawa objective of excellence.

The sound in any saxophone firstly comes from the player and the years spent in the learning process. The sound is developed in the hand crafted Yanagisawa mouthpieces, to which so many professionals are turning.

The Yanagisawa bocal (often referred to as the neck) is unique in its manufacture, providing the player with a transfer down the tonal column of every little nuance of sound produced by the player. So much attention to the manufacturing detail has provided the Yanagisawa saxophone with everything the player wants.

The Yanagisawa body is manufactured from specially selected alloys with much attention to the metalurgical treatment to make the resonance of the Yanagisawa saxophone second to none.

The mechanism and sealing of the Yanagisawa saxophone is an engineers dream. The linkages and fitting of the keys, the availibility of alternate fingerings (which work), and special attention to the players needs, provide the Yanagisawa artist with a tool of excellence.

Key Eb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved
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