Yanagisawa Curved Soprano Saxophone

The small saxophone shaped curved soprano is one of the most difficult engineering feats which any saxophone manufacturer has to address. In the early days of saxophone manufacture, many factories produced a curved soprano, however of those early manufacturers only a couple remain.

Yanagisawa are one of those masters. Continuous work on the Yanagisawa curved soprano has taken the early edition instrument into the realm of perfection in terms of the tuning and sound. The special shape of the Yanagisawa Curved Soprano Saxophone provides a slightly different sound, not the least of which is feedback for the performer who is 'closer' to the output of sound from the bell. The Curved Soprano Saxophone is a true performance instrument and is the unquestioned choice of the stage performer and gig player alike.

Unlike the straight soprano this instrument is not available with optional necks (bocals).

The (bocal) neck, is detachable as with the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. It is accompanied by a custom case, however the hands free zippered case cover is not available with this curved model.

Despite information to the contrary, elsewhere in the Web, there are no 'more curved' neck available for this model :) This model comes with the detachable neck as shown in the picture ONLY. Please pass this information those who indicate otherwise.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved.
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