Yanagisawa Professional Soprano Saxophone

This Yanagisawa Professional Soprano Saxophone is the soprano which I would describe as the half way house. It has all the attributes of the Elite Saxophone, however is not so expensive. It is built with two necks, one straight and one curved, as with the Elite and Silver saxophones.

The Yanagisawa Professional Soprano is only built to play to high F#, however, how many of us ever want or in fact need to use the extreme range of a soprano saxophone. If you need to play higher you always have the option of buying and performing on the Yanagisawa Sopranino, Elite or Silver.

The metal in the body, as with the Elite model, is better annealed and provides the player with a uniform response across the range down to low Bb.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Interchangeable
(Straight and curved necks provided.)
Body Lacquered Brass
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