Yanagisawa Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

The Soprano Saxophone can produce a range of sounds from a rough jazz sound of the 20's Charleston era to a haunting and captivating sound approaching a classical oboe. Yanagisawa Soprano Saxophones can give the player an incredible latitude in the sound and for this reason demands an intense amount of control. It should not be tackled by a beginner, unless the demands made by this instrument are first explained and realised by the new student.

The Yanagisawa Intermediate Soprano Saxophone is a one piece saxophone presented in a Yanagisawa custom carry case and has an available hands free case cover. The Yanagisawa Intermediate Soprano Saxophone is for the player who will not tolerate a saxophone which plays out of tune. The ribbed structure of the key support mechanism, forms a basis for the mechanically perfect sealing of this fine instrument.

Some saxophones I have seen, can have the sealing of the pads destroyed by excessive finger pressure on the left hand little finger spatula table. Others have come in for repair with bits of paper, cardboard, bandaid, and other special tuning adjustment features. Not so Yanagisawa. The instrument plays in tune!

The Yanagisawa Intermediate Soprano Saxophone is one of the most difficult of saxophones to play and certainly among the hardest to design and manufacture. This instrument is the starting point in the range of sopranos.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass
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