Yanagisawa Silver Baritone Saxophone

This truly fine piece of engineering perfection, compliments the range of Yanagisawa Baritone Saxophones.

The Yanagisawa Professional Baritone is beyond most other baritones, whilst the Yanagisawa Silver baritone is something to dream about - it's difficult to express in words.

Fitted with a floor stand peg to make it easy for the sitting player and also making the instrument truly mobile - no stands to carry.

It has all the tonal qualities of the other silver saxophones embracing the rich deep and unique tone of the baritone with all the qualities of purity and free blowing associated with silver saxophones. mind of the performer. The Yanagisawa Silver Tenor Saxophone allows the performer to express every nuance through the medium of this beautiful instrument.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Sterling Silver
Body Sterling Silver
Bell Lacquered Brasss, hand engraved
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