Yanagisawa Professional Baritone Saxophone

The Yanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone is truly a professional saxophone! What more is needed to comment on this magnificent instrument. It bursts into song and responds across the range with ease from altissimo to the very lowest note (Bb). As you already know the low Bb is a guaranteed performer. Yanagisawa's unique low Bb flutter key guarantees this.

The Yanagisawa designers have taken into account every little demand of the most discerning professional. As a repairer, I would say that a large percentage of saxophones coming across the bench suffer with bent keys on the lower notes. Not so with Yanagisawa, the double hinge tube/keycup supports ensure that the professional is never let down on stage with this common problem.

The Yanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone is available as the Super Professional model if required. This saxophone is never stocked, please enquire for more details.

Key Eb
Range Low A to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved


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