Yanagisawa Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

Truly deserving of the title Intermediate. This is certainly NOT a student instrument. Now used in most schools as the instrument of preference, this instrument commands a prime role in the musical scene. The low A facility provides the player with the extended range at the low end of this, the lowest in the Yanagisawa saxophones.

It is highly recommended that you purchases a saxophone stand with the Yanagisawa Intermediate Baritone when you acquire your new instrument, as it is not the kind of instrument you would wish to leave lying around on a seat - or worse, on the floor.

The instrument comes with a #5 hard rubber (ebonite) mouthpiece as standard as with all the Yanagisawa range of instruments. It is thought that the more discerning professional player may wish to use a #5 or #7 metal mouthpiece to give the instrument that extra 'bit of bite'.

Key Eb
Range Low A to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved
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