Yanagisawa Silver Tenor Saxophone

Years of research on the suitability alloys of silver has made the Yanagisawa Silver Tenor Saxophone a true instrument in it's own right. It has to be played to realise the true worth of the tone and response across the range. It is, to use a non musical term, a pretty instrument, both in looks and in audience acceptance. As with the silver range it has an enormous explosive sound when attacked, complemented by the daintiest of sounds when playing expressive music in the pianissimo mode.

The Yanagisawa Silver Tenor Saxophone is equally responsive for the Classical, Big Band or Jazz player. It is truly a fully versatile saxophone and should not be categorised into a type of music being performed on it. The music comes from the soul and mind of the performer. The Yanagisawa Silver Tenor Saxophone allows the performer to express every nuance through the medium of this beautiful instrument.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Sterling Silver
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved
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