Yanagisawa Intermediate Tenor Saxophone

The counterpart of the Yanagisawa Alto saxophone, it provides the saxophone world with an equally beautiful tenor saxophone. The Yanagisawa Intermediate Tenor Saxophone has all the features of the Yanagisawa Alto saxophone and as with the Alto is available in a beautiful zippered, hands free, carry case cover.

As with all Yanagisawa saxophones, each key is hand fitted to the instrument providing perfection in the mechanical aspect of the instrument. Yanagisawa is the only instrument we have found to play perfectly when taking it from the factory packing.

The Yanagisawa Intermediate Tenor Saxophone is for those who wish to have an instrument with a slightly lower tone, is blown with less pressure and at the same time, with a slightly larger volume of air from the diaphragm.

Key Bb
Range Low Bb to High F#
Neck Lacquered Brass
Body Lacquered Brass
Bell Lacquered Brass, hand engraved
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